Charles Uibel

Through Really Photography and Great Salt Lake Photography, I've captured people and places that matter, since 2007.

Working with FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake, The Huntsman Cancer Institute, YWCA Utah, Days of '47, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, and the Utah Nature Conservancy, I contribute back to the world we live in.

I do my best to do my best for each of my clients.


Really Photography

Photographing events, including corporate events and personal events, is a fun way to spend a life.  Delivering pictures to a client who appreciates my work is even better. Each photograph is a spontaneous composition. It's like a sport, and the results matter.
  • Corporate Events
    Sometimes a few hours, other times a week long effort is expected. Preparation is important, as is the right gear. Making sure what needs to be documented gets done, in a use-able, professional way.
  • Personal Photography
    Making quick work of photographing people you most often don't know very well is a bit like speed dating.  You take skills and ideas and trade them back and forth, and hopefully come up with something unique.
  • Charitable Photography
    Thankfully, some charities pay, while others don't, and that's perfectly OK. Being a special cog in a machine made up of other important cogs is the way to help large changes come about. I love to participate.

Great Salt Lake Photography

My love for photographing the lake has taken me many miles in the last 10 years. It's 20 miles just to get to the lake, and about 350 miles around the lake. Add to that exploring, going up and down mountains and trails, in the hot summer, rain, ice, and snow. It's an adventure.
  • Approach
    I look for things happening in the sky first. That sets the table. The rest is musical chairs.  Getting to a spot at the lake where and when the weather is likely to be meaningful is a thrill, and I have the pictures to prove it
  • Workflow
    I shoot Nikon, Raw format,  I process pics with Lightroom, then publish my images on my web site. I use collections along with keywords to track my images.
  • Distribution
    I've hung my work in galleries including Phillips Gallery, Finch Lane, and in businesses around Utah mostly thanks to Alpine Art. I've been published in several books and magazines. I track each event.


Charles Uibel